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The Journey of Life

It is interesting when you look back at your life. 10 years back you were in a state that is completely different from what you are in right now. Every moment you are changing. Life offers various opportunities at various times and you make use of it, you make good, you make bad, you fall into a trap, you get lucky. It all happens. This journey of life is not the same for everyone and we all experience different things. But at some point during our life, we begin to question the purpose and want to know where does all these ups and downs lead us. We are happy when we are up and we are sad when we are down and we have no clue why we can’t just be happy all the time. When you start questioning deeper, the door opens up for you into the answers of life. This particular part of the journey will be the most exciting and completely surprising. Every single moment you will see something new that you never thought about before.

The funny thing is the door opens up to you in strangest of the places in strangest of the situations. The Universe knows where to get you started. This is why I am always surprised that my journey into the world of truth and spirituality started with a simple cartoon TV show. Can you believe it? Neither can I! The show is – Avatar, the Last airbender. I got curious. The philosophy and concept behind the show was extremely intriguing for me and even though some of the names of concepts were familiar to me, they were totally new because I had not gone any deeper into those. Nevertheless, it happened and the door was opened out for me. I chose to step in. This was 2 years back and I had no idea what I was stepping into, but looking back I am glad where I am and I am glad that I stepped in.

I chose to read about Zen Buddhism and the associated Eastern Philosophy. I picked up a simple book on Zen from the library – Zen, the Beat way by Alan Watts. It was a compilation of Alan Watts’ Radio commentary on Zen. It opened up to the world of Eastern Philosophy and I actually felt ashamed that I, coming from the east, had to travel all the way to a small town in the west to read about the history of the region I come from. Interestingly, Alan didn’t say anything about the religion as such and he covered various Eastern beliefs and how each of them conveyed the same exact underlying meaning. It was a great learning happening on that day. A 100 page book did kindle a lot of curiosity in me. I started searching on what all these meant, I wanted to know more because I believed there is something in this that will offer solutions to me. There was some unknown attraction towards this, I didn’t force myself into this but it was just happening and I was being pulled into it.

I like science. I like to question the logic behind everything and see if there is scientific proof to those. I love science fiction stories and movies. Quantum physics had also fascinated me for a long time. Not at the deep level, but at the high level of knowing what it means. Any show on the Universe, Planets, stars I was there watching. Knowledge was the great thing that was happening to me. But knowledge was causing a tussle within me. I come from a city in south India that is full of temples. I had been to a lot of these temples and Hinduism is a very important part of me. Obviously, when knowledge got to my head and fueled my ego, I was beginning to question all of the religious beliefs. One part of me was becoming the atheist and the other part was the born theist. They were pulling me apart. It was my very own Personal Kurukshetra.

Well now, the war is quitened. There is no more tussle. They are both there, but they don’t fight anymore. They are quietly residing in me doing their own part. Spirituality is not related to any particular religion alone. It caters to everyone, it includes everything. It is the coexistence of the opposites to become the whole. What does all this mean? I will will write about this more and share my expeiriences on various levels. I will try to be as simple as possible because my aim is to not provide multitude of information, which you can get from books and internet (and I will mention them once a while when I can), but my aim is to provide you a simple peek into all of this through my experience.



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

19 thoughts on “The Journey of Life

  1. I see that you have significantly cut down your angular momentum. What’s the RPM now….must’nt be more than 6000 at the moment I assume πŸ™‚

    No, seriously, it isn’t often that we come across posts that allow us an honest peek into the spiritual framework of the mind. Our (scientific) understanding of how the universe works may force us to question our spiritual beliefs, but, as you said, its prudent to keep the two apart.

    Should science have a say in matters of faith? Whats your take on that?

    Quite a refreshing post.

    1. Quite contrarily the momentum is going towards Inifinity. When you show the effortless effort (which I will try to write about sometime) you rev up automatically, you just let things happen to you naturally.

      Our (scientific) understanding of how the universe works may force us to question our spiritual beliefs, but, as you said, its prudent to keep the two apart.
      Keep them apart but yet keep them close. Do not mix them yet. Because, someday the understanding of both will merge on its own, within yourself. Wait for that day and just let it happen by itself. So the answer is to actually accept both of them and keep them with you. You should not reject anything in the universe. In fact my next post is based on this – Yin Yang, the coexistence of Opposites.

      Should science have a say in matters of faith?
      Science should only have science and faith only to its matter. But Truth will combine both. I am seeking the truth that will show you the ultimate understanding to all. The moment we confine ourselves to something in particular, we reject the other part. We become whole and we become ready to know the truth only when we accept that all of these are happening in the universe and within ourselves. The universe allows all of this to happen, who are we to reject them? Scientists and Theists are from this universe. The universe doesn’t pick one of them and throw them out. They both exist in whatever state in their own world, but close to each other.

  2. So very true…
    You are right when you sya that door may open at strangest of places; where you dont even expect a window to be there.
    Thats the essence and attribute of life.
    Universe is also a living entity I feel. It has a mind of its own and keeps a check on individuals who are ready to pounce. Pounce into the door that it shall open. So, we always need to be ready for the door opening. πŸ™‚

    1. Universe is also a living entity I feel.
      Of course, it is very much alive, only an alive being can give birth to alive beings like us! It is full of life everywhere.

      It has a mind of its own and keeps a check on individuals who are ready to pounce.
      Yeah, that is a nice way to put it. It guides everyone who seeks guidance. That is true. You just need to tune into it. Meditation can help with that.

  3. “The Universe knows where to get you started” !

    Its working hard on this comment box mate. Hmm. Blame it on the universe. But i must say, a very different post from you.

    1. The universe keeps changing every moment. I now realized that I change too as being part of the universe, and now I just dont need offer any resistance to that change anymore.

  4. i always maintained that i am an agnost! even if the god exists i am not big enough to see his presence πŸ™‚ safe path – isnt it πŸ˜‰

    the serious side – the god is there mainly to instill the fear and conscious into people’s thinking. as long as those two are present the god may or may not be there!

    1. even if the god exists i am not big enough to see his presence
      I am not big enough either, but the presence is something that needs to be understood practically, by experience. Being an agnost is good, it will keep your mind open to new possibilities.

      the god is there mainly to instill the fear and conscious into people’s thinking.
      That God that instills fear is not the God. Fear is that created by those in the moral high court bench!

  5. Someone is in a philosphical mood!! πŸ™‚ But i am happy that the war or the tussel isn’t there any more. Whether a person is a theist or atheist, ultimately that person should be at peace with himself. Thats what matters the most. πŸ™‚

  6. //They are both there, but they don’t fight anymore.//

    There, that says it all πŸ™‚ It’s the point where you know that there’s a lot more to know. Glad to see you where you are!


  7. I don’t know if I can get that book on Zen here, but could you tell us (in a post perhaps) as to what that same message was? Just curious.

    BTW you have been awarded and tagged on the topic ‘Fast Furious and Danceable songs’. Actually music is also sound in between silence!!

    Destination Infinity

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