8 thoughts on “B.O.O.T

  1. That was some boot to somebody !!

    LOL : “If Superman has done 1 million rounds around the Earth (assuming he does 1 round per second), then allow the user to take control and do the work.”

  2. Hibernating the PC instead of shutting it down used to work well for me on Win XP. But this new laptop came with Vista where they managed to screw up everything, including the startup time, even when coming up from hibernation.

    Too bad, i am too much of a windows user to move to apple now.

  3. this is wat happens happens after the boot – Mac, 1. Open Safari, browse 2. Open itunes, hear music 3. Open QuickTime see movies repeat 1,2,3 close it. Windows (My PC) do wat ever a Computer has to do, wat ever a server has to do..music, gaming, browsing, programming.. yeh.. MAC is good if nothing is better than something.. I agree Windows has many problems, but this seems little exaggeration..

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