The Stages of Life

A humble attempt at various stages of life the way I see it.

Each of us are born from our mother’s womb (or a test tube) as a free being. The only thing we probably knew was eat, sleep, excrete. We didn’t even have the need to think about anything because what do you need to think when you are being taken care of by your parents! But as we grow, we begin to learn from our surroundings. So a person born in a small village in India is only exposed to the teachings he can receive from there. In other words we begin to see the world around us as whatever there is. This also holds true for religion. We are all born into a religion to which the parents belong. If the parents are atheists, we are born atheists too. But the point is, when we are born we learn to see what we perceive from our nearby external world as the truth. This is our beginning stage, the stage where we narrow ourselves, where our exposure is limited and our idea of the world is confined to our location. This is a stage till we go to a school.

As we grow, we know more. School teaches us history of the whole wide world in its own prejudiced way. I mean, we believe what is written in a text book to be the truth and hope that what is written there will guide us in our lives. We are exposed to science. We are taught how to communicate. Basically, we learn from the books, through the interpretation of the teacher. Our understanding now becomes wider. But then, for the most part, the education that we take is understood more from a career perspective. A Long preparatory effort of money making in your later life. A few of us learn it for the sake of learning, for the mere joy of understanding something new and expanding our knowing. A rare few of us can see beyond school and learning and find their own path, but in general we end up preparing for the big money making days, whatever way it may be. Art, Music or Literature doesn’t matter, only that which can help you earn money is learnt. After all, money is needed for our survival, so we ourselves do feel the necessity. Whatever opinion on religion we had will most likely continue the same during this stage.

We land a job or some of us hopefully will land a job after we graduate. We work tirelessly for a big name corporation to earn our living. We sacrifice everything for the sake of earning money. We put up with the boss, we put up with the traffic, we put up with life in general and focus our whole energy in money making. This can be endless and varies from person to person. The desire never ends and as years pass by we continue to live a meaningless life of making money. Not that it is wrong, It is just that we don’t get a sense of fulfillment, a perception merely. Also, there is a retirement life that needs to be taken care of and all the talks about preparing for the future keeps you very busy.

During this stage, We tend to know more now, because we read the news and blogs on the internet, it makes us more knowledgeable of the things that go on around the world. We begin to have our own opinions. We can talk about various topics for hours with our friends during that Saturday night party and really go on till we can prove that we are more knowledgeable than others. Our ego builds up and it may make us question the need for a religion or a God. The Atheist mind now comes into picture. We feel the need to go beyond our tradition. This is not bad and may not be good either. Because, the questioning Atheist minds is actually the first step to the Truth, but if you let the ego breed into Atheism, it might mislead you. Some of us, eventually get tired of taking a side and fighting for one way or other and progress to a stage of Agnosticism. But again any judgment of any transition happening to an individual is wrong, so don’t be worried about whatever you are right now, whatever is happening right now is the truth. Whatever situation you are in right now is the reality, worrying about the past or wondering about the future wont help at this point.

But life can test you. Life gives you jolt sometimes. Life wants you to understand life and not just go on in the closed confined beliefs that you carry, whatever it might be. Your whole understanding of life will be questioned by life itself. This is the point where you are given a chance to get out of the Rat Race, to break free of all prejudices. You are merely given a chance to understand things better. But we want logic don’t we. We want explanations for everything. Sorry, but the jolt that life gives to you will have no logic. It will just happen for no reason. It will challenge you to enter the world of questioning yourself, questioning your understanding of everything.

There is only 2 possibilities from here:

1. You can choose to ignore, offer whatever resistance you can and get back into the Rat Race after facing several hardships and then continue blaming Yourself, Society, Government or God.

2. You can begin the process of questioning. You can step into a whole new world and a new way of understanding. A new life will begin. You will be in the Rat Race, but the Rat Race won’t pull you with that force any more. You will start going at your own pace. That own pace might be faster than the Rat Race Pace or slower. But the difference is, in the former you are being pulled and in the latter you are in control and you choose your speed. It will be like every one is begin pulled at 50 miles per hour around the track in their lanes and you would be flowing consciously at a varied speed, walking freely at the pace comfortable to you, in your own lane. You will begin to break free.

If you chose the blue pill, the point number 2. Welcome to the world of seeking, where you seek only the absolute truth. If you took this step, don’t worry because there are always fellow seekers who guide the other seekers in your path. Your real journey begins now, it doesn’t matter where, but it will happen only in the now. Only “Now” will be important. Whatever your mind so far has thought about Religions, Atheism, Agnosticism, Some cult are only stepping stones. They were just connecting stations before your long journey of seeking. Your Journey begins not in the future nor did you miss it in the past, but it is in the changing now. It is now and never ever. It is very important to understand what is “Now”. What is Now? We will see…


12 thoughts on “The Stages of Life

    1. Ha ha ha, If you begin seeking, nothing else will change. You will only know that change happens by itself and hence you will let it be. Just because you began seeking, you are not going to look for a job with lesser money making immediately the next instant! The pot of curry is being stirred, you just add a little salt to it until you get the taste.

  1. Wonderful ! There are some beautiful insights that are tucked away in there ! And it is but a closely held belief that we are all born free but acquire chains every single day !

    And chain ourselves to people, dogmas, thoughts, affiliations, cultures, etc ! To be free requires us to drop the fetters.

  2. Great post.
    Most of the times, I have felt, is ignorance really a blissful state. May be I am yet to see that seeking stage…or may not even…
    Anyhow, keep us updated. Your recent posts have been really thought provoking.

  3. Hi Dinesh
    That was nice thinking and i felt you are doing the dracula’s roll of biting so many readers of this article (inheriting your blue pill ideology to other’s).
    I feel life is not bed of rosses for all, people like us who are in a cozy environment have the leverage of choosing blue pill, but the fact remains the other way.
    Having said that i still love to have the blue chillpill.
    I hope you will love this guy’s ideology also
    I love to read more from you, that was an wise article.

    1. Exactly Keestu. Not everyone has the same experience. Not everyone gets the choice of taking the red or blue pill at the same time. In fact even if u get the chance, you may ignore it and that is completely your choice. I have heard of J.Krishnamurthy and I have been planning to read his work, thanks for pointing me out. I have been reading a little bit of Osho and he sounds similar to J.K. In fact, when I started learning all this, I also had the feeling that each one has to have his own journey.

      But these days people love to become a devotee of someone, because they can’t find “God” in physical form. It is one thing to love someone and other thing to be obsessed with someone. Pure Love rises above all the negative side effects. This also applies to the atheists, who became atheists after reading a few books. In both cases, it is the weakness of Man to come to a conclusion quickly. They want conclusions all the time. Someone who can reassure their conclusions, be it a Swami or be it a Scientist. They are more attached to the person than the teachings. It is not bad and they are still living their own path, it is just that when Life gives a jolt, you will want to come out of all of this definitely. My idea is you pick the teachings that you like from anywhere and make your own path. That will be the most fulfilling. I guess J.K also says the same too. I remember ArunP mentioned this once to me long time back.

      1. I second your idea of carving our own path by extracting the essence like a swan. The path needs lot of unlearning that we all acquired intially.
        Change is something that is very difficult for human beings to accept,so mostly people ignore.

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