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Pancake Mommy Pancake

Apparently the following song seems to be a rage among 2-3 year olds! It is like their Rock music! The boy in the song probably has a huge fan following like Bono, I mean look at the cute winking that he does!

Pancake Mommy Pancake,

Mommy fired the Pancake,

Rice flouru and Urad flouru, mixed and formed the pancake,

For the father fouru,

For the mother threeu,

For the brother twou,

for the baby onnu,

Eatu Eatu Desireu,

Turn and ask means rituals!

Which song you ask? It is the Tamil Rhyme song – Dosai amma Dosai. Thank you Youtube! What would those of us staying away from the homeland, do without Youtube!



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8 thoughts on “Pancake Mommy Pancake

      1. Agreed – the literal meaning turn and ask means rituals is way more funnier than the contextual meaning 🙂

        Sorry for the long hiatus – been reading your blog just was not taking the time to stop and comment. I loved your last post btw – will comment or send you a note on my POV, when I find time – hopefully 🙂

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