Why this Woman?

Of all the woman, why did I fall in love with you?

says Karthik. I bet, a lot of those who are in love with a complicated woman will say just this. The entire movie “Vinnaithandi Varuvaya” rides on this expression and the drama resulting from this. The expression should not be mistaken for the boy’s frustration. It is an expression of pain resulting from unbounded love for the woman. Certainly, the expression itself is unbounded and is probably the only way to convey this unexplainable feeling. This is why, every important character in the movie, repeats this dialogue at key frames in the movie.

The Director was excellent in creating situations that would cause this pain, be it Jessie’s father or her brother or herself or even himself. Every scene inadvertently makes us feel “Of all the woman, why did Karthik fall in love with Jessie?”

A Simple Love story. People like simple stories with just a few complicated characters and in this one, it is just one complicated girl Jessie, the woman who pulls Karthik at first sight. Gautham Menon picks a simple story but excels in the way it is being told. Karthik and Jessie are intensely portrayed making the audience feel exactly what they feel, with the right expression, right words, right locations, right light and the right background score. No patched up scenes at all. Everything was fluent with the screen play and fit in very nicely. Excellent editing.

Simbu and Trisha have lived the story. They did not just act. Kudos to Gautham again for that, especially for bringing such a stuff out of Simbu. Even the one single fight scene was very captivating. No Simbuism, but just some realistic Boxing. After a long time I am really enjoying a fight sequence, as it didn’t have any stupid rope tricks.

The only other character that probably plays a major part was Ganesh as Ganesh the Cinematographer (from Kaaka Kaaka) himself. He lighted the moments with good humor and was a nice catalyst to the story’s pace. It was a really good idea to keep this character this way.

AR Rahman’s music goes beyond the skies. The audio when I first listened to, felt like just another ARR album. But when you watch the movie in a theatre with the flow of the story, the characters and the scene, ARR’s music becomes mind-blowing. Half of the scene’s intensity is conveyed in it. It pulls you halfway in the feeling and the rest of the elements soak you in completely. My favourite song is Aaromale and the background score based on that song.

This movie cannot be reviewed quantitatively. It cannot be given any percentage of marks or stars. You just have to go, watch and feel what the characters feel. Halfway through the movie, I told my wife, I want to fall in love with her all over again. That is review enough for an unbounded feel of love, that can cross the skies. The last time it caused a similar feeling would be for Alaipayuthey from almost a decade back.

Watch it once, watch it again and again and then buy the DVD and put it in your collection.

I did not know when I would come back again to blogging. Well, here I am. I guess this movie made me cross the cyber skies!

Edit: I guess there are 2 endings being shown for this movie. I watched at Innovative Multiplex in Bangalore and my friend had watched at the Forum Value mall, and we both saw different endings.


23 thoughts on “Why this Woman?

  1. Wow! Looks like this movie really blew you away! I heard just one song in the movie’s trailer, and loved it…it’s the song with a very western feel and soft music and lyrics… I still can’t believe that Simbu acted in a movie, without ‘Simbu-isms’!! Oh well, there’s a first time for everything…

    I really want to watch the movie now… Great post, BTW 🙂

  2. Good to see you back blogging…Good review and I did like the movie too.. I agree with what you said about the movie…You have to just go and feel it 🙂

  3. I totally agree with every word that you said about this movie. And the part about the fight, couldn’t agree with you more. For a change, a fight sequence did not feel like it was fitted into the movie to highlight the “hero” and it was done very very naturally. Didn’t know there were 2 endings – I thought the ending was different for the tamil version and the telegu version. You mean to say there were 2 different ending even in the tamil version?

    1. Yeah, it seems there are 2 endings in Tamil version itself. and now I really want to see the other ending, just to compare. The one I saw was Tragedy and the one my friend saw was Happy ending! Just can’t believe it!

    1. It is Tamil. Don’t worry, someone will remake or dub this movie in Hindi. Actually, this movie is released outside India with English subtitles. DVD will definitely have English subtitles.

  4. I liked the way you narrated. But let me add some negatives about the film

    1)The scene before interval, when trisha about to get married in the church, Simbu’s acting was below par, which made the important scene comic….actually we could guess next scene.

    2)Dialogue when simbu hits trisha’s brother ” one thing i never told about me… i am boxing champ in college…” was one of the best comedy of the film

    3)Choreography of the film was below par… did not utilize simbu’s potential inspite of very good songs

    4)Simbu’s acting in most of the scene was monotonous.. too much of repeat scene..

    1. Overall flow of the movie was good, so I didn’t think some of those were that negative. They just fit with the flow and that was more important. If you pick these up separately then yes it might be awkward. Of course, Simbu didn’t do a Kamal Hassan or he isn’t going to get National award, but he did a job that is far better than his previous movies and that he will get kudos for.

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