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No Plastic Zone

I was out on a day trip to Bannerghata National Park this saturday. It was a wholesome treat to the family and my camera eyes. The Grand safari was the most enjoyable with a good glimpse of the wildlife – Lion, Tigers (yes 1411 Tigers left and I saw 2 of them here), White Tigers. I am uploading the photos to Flickr as I go.

The Safari area and the Zoo is a no plastic zone. The guard at the entrance, checks the belongings, breaks open all the snacks that are in plastic bags and puts them in one plastic carry bag that we have. He does let go of water bottles and a carry bag or so. This is very reasonable as one would need to drink water and would also need a bag to carry some dry snacks.

The result though is misuse by our folks, even after calling it No plastic zone. I have no idea how this particular Aquafina bottle appeared there, but it sure seems like they should do something about it. How would it feel, if you have an empty Aquafina bottle for lunch or a snack? Exactly how, that deer is going to feel. The Biology is the same.

Be Responsible, Rules are there for a reason!



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

8 thoughts on “No Plastic Zone

  1. When I went for this safari, many on the van got along all sorts of bags and bottles and everything. The driver didn’t say a word.

    Hope you visited the Butterfly Park too!! That is the main attraction for the photographers 🙂

    1. Its ok to bring them with you, as long as you don’t leave them behind, instead take it with you and trash it in a proper way.

      Yeah I visited the butterfly park, just when it was about to close. So I had like 10 mins there and not much butterflies.

  2. Thats a lovely place to go to ! Sometimes its so sad to see the animals in their enclosures. And the animals that toss plastic bottles and chocolate wrappers must actually be locked up !

    1. Actually, the wildlife park is an open forest. They aren’t locked up. Only the zoo is locked up with “lesser” wild life 🙂 and as for the other animals, we are locked up in a 5 day work week anyway.

  3. Plastics are not allowed inside Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. But all sorts of Potato chips packets, wrappers are strewn about in the garden!

  4. I don’t know why it is so difficult to follow rule / law in India – sometimes it gets me really mad and sometimes just frustrated. Not sure when folks will realize that the rules are there to help us…

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