The Shiva Trilogy

I just stumbled upon this book called “The Immortals of Meluha”. May be I am too late to the party, but I visited the website, found out a little about the book and read the free first chapter.

After reading the first chapter, I felt the narration, though based on ancient mythology, feels very modern and I really liked the pace and the way the story is unfold. The concept is very good, just read the “About Shiva” section of the website to get an understanding. I like the Author’s (Amish) belief that Ram and Shiva were just Humans who rose to Godhood of Vishnu and Mahadeva.

If any of you are reading this currently or have read it already, do let me know your comments. I am planning to grab this book, the next time I hit crossword or order it online.


67 thoughts on “The Shiva Trilogy

    1. No, I haven’t. I see it is about Panchali and probably a more detailed characterization of her. This book, Shiva Trilogy, seems more fictional yet using the real mythological characters and weaving spirituality in it. It seems very fascinating with this particular mixture.

      1. Spot on! I’ve read the book and it IS a wonderful, amazing mix of the contemporary and mythological. Amish Trivedi has spun a rivetting tale. Personally, I believe this book is a good buy…I only buy books that I intend to read over and over. 🙂 I’m a pack rat, that way.

        Eagerly awaiting the next 2 installments in this trilogy.

  1. This sounds really interesting. Do you know if I can buy it in the US? Also, I have heard very good things about Ashok Banker’s retelling of Ramayana. Check it out while you are there, if you can.

  2. It really is a good book…it projects Shiva as a commoner,having the same emotions and desires as THE common man…. and one who rises above others largely because of his actions….

    Anyway,could anyone tell me when(if it has already not) is the 2nd book(The secret of the Nagas) releasing… just dying to read it….the last page of the first book generates anticipation,yeah?

  3. Read it. I actually didn’t like it much. Characters are a bit one-dimensional and there seems to be a mixture of LOTR, Eragon and a bit of Harry Potter. And really bland.

    The use of Indian mythology is a smart move. Some parts are good though.

  4. I’ve just read the book, the references to Hindu Mythology are really good. Its like another perspective of Hindu mythology, I found it really refreshing. An interesting read!

  5. I found the book more interesting than LOTR or Harry Potter. Probably because i worship shiva and had heard about this book from a friend of mine. Great work by Amish.
    Only flaw that i could find is that this story of Lord Shiva takes place after the reign of Lord Ram. But wasn’t Raavan who lived in Lord Ram’s time, a worshipper of Lord Shiva?

  6. Its a awesoem book, I read at one shot in 5 hours. We cannot keep the down. Its realy good, please do read it.
    Its a trilogy, I am desparetlt waiting for next ones…
    2. The secrates of nagas
    3. The oath of vayuputras. 🙂

  7. Its a awesoem book, I read at one shot in 5 hours. We cannot keep the down. Its realy good, please do read it.
    Its a trilogy, I am desparetlt waiting for next ones…
    2. The secrates of nagas
    3. The oath of vayuputras. 🙂

  8. I picked up this book by accident at the airport..and once i started i could not put it down!! Its a fabulous mix of history, mythology and bringing Shiva to a flesh & blood form!! loved it!! can’t wait for the next two books 🙂 Very impressed with Amish’s creativity as well 🙂

  9. It was a gud 1, Ireally liked the concept that,”there is no evil, its is just different”. xpecting more frm secret of nagas.

  10. The Book is really cool. esp the way in which the ancient civilisation of Mohenjadaro and Harappa are linked to the mytholgy of shiva …its a fantastic read..hats off to AMish

  11. Hai,

    I fine piece of artistic representation of Lord Shiva as a normal human. But a bit confused with a fact in this that Shiva triology came after Lord Ram triology.Anyway amazing story…I read it completely even though I am a poor reader of big novels.No waiting for the next part to publish

  12. Superb Book & fantastic community on facebook too [] , Amish is just unbelieavable…… Guys you have to see the trailer of Sati here [] I was speechless when I saw it, thanks for letting us know about the book Dinesh Babu

  13. The Secret of Nagas is out…..overall a good read
    Some places it could have been better…. unlike immortals of Meluha this was predictable, a bit dragged… with quite a few loose ends…. Hopefully the final book will make up for it 🙂

  14. few have raised doubt about its inception after lord Ram, one should keep in mind as vishnu has number of avtar so has mahadev. There belived to be many mahadevs but lord mahesh and lord shiv has been termed as the full form of mahadev just as lord krishna is know as complete avtaar as vishnu

  15. I read this book and found it quite a page-turner! Interesting way to depict the Hindu Gods and to create some flutter around it. But the plots and the events are quite ordinary and predictable. Anyway, will read the other two books because of the language and the concept.

  16. Trilogy of Shiva is an interesting book, depiction of Shiv ji as Human and his journey from tribal chief to Mahadev is intriguing and I really like the description of Ramrajya and all our mythological concepts depicted in a modern ways , A must read

  17. A wonderful description with a beautiful insight about the existence of good and bad in everyone’s heart and the ability to choose good over bad—–how i wish if everybody could imbibe this thought process and work towards achieving a better world for everyone to survive—–kudos to amish for putting it across so well——no need to live years to understand the wisdom about life –this one book will help u experience many years of life! happy reading

  18. i have just started reading the book……MELUHA ..its captivating and i love mythology
    the blend is beautiful…….a special mention about the cover page its mesmarising…..

  19. Hi guys.. Just remember…. this book is actually a work of fiction though.

    It is a great book & I have also read the 2nd book too, The Secret of the Nagas.

    Fantastic fiction story. But it also tickles your mind and makes you wonder as to whether this really has happened or not?

    I thoroughly enjoyed the books and the story. But yes, the writer tends to digress & it seems that he has lost his focus on the story in some part of the book nut then he comes back to the story.

    The books end abruptly though in both book 1 & book 2, leaving with you a desire to red the story to the end.


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