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Godmen Filter

At some point People become frustrated with their life with too many emotional setbacks. They begin the search for the meaning and purpose of life and become vulnerable. The pitfall is, they end up going behind fake Godmen, due to their ignorance. There are real saints but unfortunately people get trapped into the intellectual posers who call themselves Godmen. Here are a few tips that I got to know, if you want to differentiate the posers from real saints:

1. Saints don’t advertise themselves. They don’t promise you abundant money, fruitful career, successful life and all that. They help people silently, unaware of them. They don’t want praise, nor any attention. How many know of Saints in Rags around the Tiruvannamalai Hill? I never knew and I have never even been to that place yet!

2. They definitely don’t sell you spirituality as a package deal. If they teach you meditation, it is something that they got from their masters and most certainly they will not teach you anything but what you need. Usually the fees you pay for these, go to administration and some charity work, not for glorifying themselves more. There were days when a saint used to teach meditation for 5 rupees to sincere seekers.

3. Their definition of spirituality is realizing your real self. That’s it. Not gaining some supernatural powers.

4. They definitely don’t cure you of diseases. They will ask you to go to a doctor instead. They might help you, but they won’t say that they will cure you, using some kind of special powers that they have. Nope.

One lady approached a particular saint and said, “God came in my dream and said that you can cure my disease”. The saint said, “Mother, God didn’t come in my dream and tell this, so I suggest you to please see a good doctor”.

Sometimes there may be exceptions, but it is not realistic and practical to generalize these exceptions to all cases.

5. They do not force you into changing your habits. They would say you will change gradually by yourself. They don’t ask you to wear a marking on your forehead, or wear a particular bead mala or change your dressing style or grow long hair/beard or even change your diet or pray to a particular God. They don’t care if you are an atheist or even if you eat “Beef”, they will teach you meditation just as it should be taught.

A thief came to a Zen master asking him to help him to get out of this awful thing he was doing – stealing. The master just said, continue stealing, but whenever you do, be aware of what you are doing. The thief brought in awareness, and he just couldn’t steal anymore.

It is not wrong for someone to teach meditation to people in large numbers. But the General public should understand that, meditation is like a medicine. The medicine should be had only as per prescription. The Doctor may prescribe the same medicine to all for common ailments, but people have to understand that the effects will vary depending on the level of ailment that they have. Beyond that, only case by case basis will work.

You will need patience. After all Spirituality is about speeding up evolution to realize your true self and evolution is a slow process. Just beware of fake Godmen and move on with your life.



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

15 thoughts on “Godmen Filter

  1. Although bad things happen with these fake godmen and people know it, there are still some..oh no…not some, many of them go behind them…I guess that could be a reason why such fake godmen still exists…People need awareness 🙂

    1. The one who attach importance to popularity, publicity, money and the worldly things is not a GODMAN. To grow a beard my take few months, and to wear the sanyasi dress is very easy, and to gather followers may take some time, and they used to employ personal assistanats to boost thier fame, by flotting the power of the swamiji”s achievments. This make people to queue up.
      Our GURU has told us not to fall pray to these shows, for even true yogi may be tested by MAYA, as to whether you too will get a slip from your effort to gain self realization.
      P.K.PADMANABHAN Cell +91-09445504267

  2. Excellent work. Thanks.

    I slightly disagree with “4. They definitely don’t cure you of diseases. ” this point. Rather I would say, they don’t cure you of diseases for money or with any kind return expectation. There are few examples from Sridi Sai baba and Sri Ragavendrar biography that they did cure diseases for several people.

    But that is not the only reason you want to go to a saint or take someone as your Guru.

        1. I will check that youtube link out. I am not saying that they cannot cure people. They can, They may. But the problem is, if they cure someone then our people, 1.2 billion of them will stand in queue behind that monk. So he/she is better off minding his job of trying to find the self.

  3. I have friends who sincerely are into the path of finding “the answer” in life. I have followed their journeys from close proximity. The fake “God Men” are so evolved that I see them adhering to all the rules you have put up (may be the money issue is violated but they explain how the money is spent in their charity organisations). So, such rules rarely work! It is not that simple.
    I don’t mean to argue, but thats my 2 cents!

  4. actually the term God Men should send people running! There is no place for a middle man and a human can never even equivalent to God. in fact the term is an oxymoron!

    1. The right term is Saint. Saints are humans you have raised themselves to the level of God, who realized the presence of infinite God in them. It is possible for every human to raise to that level. Once the Saint merges with God, there is no Saint, there is only God. Godmen is just a name that we gave, even “God” is just a name that we gave to some picture or concept that we have in our mind. We have no clue what the real thing is!

  5. It is interesting that you wrote on this today, as just last night I had a conversation on the same topic with my brother. It is sad to see people still falling into the trap of these “so-called” God Men, even after many in the past, have been exposed. As you said, no true realized soul, will go after fame or money – he will just be, without any ego and does not make any claims, large or small. Not sure, when the common man will understand this…

    1. It is difficult for Common man to understand this. We are vulnerable and clueless. Until we stop looking for some “authoritative figure” to guide us and guide ourselves, we will be trapped.

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