Sometimes there are questions for which the only possible answers are Yes or No. For example, “Do you want Samosa?”. The answer is “Yes, I am a sucker for Samosas” or “No, Samosas Suck!”.

But is it that simple? Let us ask a Man first.

What does it mean when a Man says Yes ?

1. Yes, I can do it, even thought I don’t know to do it.

2. He said Yes, so I say Yes. Beer pressure, I mean peer pressure.

3. God definitely doesn’t know, but it is a Yes.

4. Yes. That’s it, what else you want!

What does it mean when a Man says No?

1. No. That’s it, he is really exhausted and he really means no, so leave him alone. Let him watch some TV.

Now it is Women’s turn.

What does it mean when a Woman says Yes?

1. Yeah right. If a woman says a straight yes, please leave me a message after the beep.

What does it mean when a Woman says No?

1. No. But why don’t you try to figure out!

2. No in Antartican language means “Yes”, too bad you misunderstood me because you don’t know Antartican.

3. Ha ha, it may be both 1. or 2. Like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It is there and not there.

4. God only knows. But I won’t tell you which God. 33 Crore Gods in Hindu religion alone, you are stuck my man!

5. I know because I am God.

6. Not enough choice.

Men, If you are hurt by this post say “YES”. Women, If you are hurt by this post, say anything, because I am not going to know the real meaning anyway!

๐Ÿ™‚ – Smiley added just to make sure that this post is written in lighter vein and that I was just Kidding. “Yes”, I was just kidding.


6 thoughts on “YES or NO

  1. Another possible answer – ‘I dont know’.


    “Are you offended by this post?”
    “I don’t know”

    Another variation would be:
    “I dont know. Should i be?”

    At this point you are in trouble.

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