Eat Right, but how?

We confuse ourselves when someone says Eat Right. The common misunderstanding is:

1. Be Vegetarian.

2. Count the calories of what you eat and burn the excess on treadmill. Some even use scale to exactly calculate the calories.

3. Eat less and less and less.

4. Eat whatever dish made out of healthy food items even though they don’t taste at all and look really obscure. Maintain this list of healthy food and be obsessed with only eating that, resulting in more paranoia.

And probably a lot more that I cannot think of right now.

The spirit of eating right is in the eating.

While what you eat is equally important, it is useless if you don’t know how well to eat it.

So let’s clear the misconception and let’s try to eat right, the right way.

1. Be a Vegetarian by choice and not by force. Vegetarianism is born out of compassion towards other living beings. Until you feel that naturally, do not be so.

2. Eat at the speed of the body and not hog at the speed of the mind. Chew nicely and when you do that, you will eat at the speed of the body. You will listen to the body and naturally eat less. No need to count calories, because the body will tell you what it needs now when you listen. You will notice, you will be filling your plate with less food as you go.

3. Time table eating can bore the heck out of you. Eat normally, what you wish, at the speed of the body, 3 times a day. Fasting can purify your body and senses, but don’t be obsessed with it, do it only if you can.

4. Do not drink water atleast 30 minutes before you eat, while you eat and atleast 30 minutes after you eat. Water douses the digestive fire and can affect digestion. But don’t forget to drink water the other times to flush out the toxins.

5. Eat what you feel is tasty. Because the digestive fire is induced more with tasty and nice aromatic food.

6. Do not eat/cook emotionally. You will attach all that emotions and thoughts to the food and affect your digestion. Not only that, but it can also affect your thoughts, character and personality. Don’t ask me how, but they do. So Eat/Cook the food in silence.

7. Eat Consciously. By this I mean, that watch what you are eating without judging the food or yourself. Because at some point we get carried away and do what everyone does, “Top up” with more food. If we watch then we will refrain from doing that. This will leave a gap in the stomach which is good as it will be easy to rotate and digest the food.

8. If you believe in God, then offer the food to God and eat it. Just do it mentally with a loving heart, don’t need to place the food at the altar every time. This particular point needs deeper understanding, beyond just the rules of dogmatic religion.

These are just simple guidelines for normal people who lead normal lives.

Food is the best medicine for your body. Eat less and you will be  sick, Eat more you will still be sick.


12 thoughts on “Eat Right, but how?

      1. Which book is this? I did not know that one had to cook silently!! but in a bizarre way I can actually relate to food being related to the mood of the person who cooks!!!

        1. Cooking silently helps a lot. The dish comes out just as good as how you are inside. Some people also recommend chanting God names or devotional songs, so that our mind doesn’t wander off into stupid thoughts while cooking. For the book name see reply for A-Kay.

  1. Well said Dinesh. Nice post.

    //If you believe in God, then offer the food to God and eat it.// Even if you don’t believe in God, you can offer the food to the inner Energy/Sakthi, I don’t think anyone can deny that, nothing moves without Energy.

    Also just came to my mind…
    Mukkaalum Unbavan Rogi (Sick person)
    Irukaal Unbavan Bogi (Enjoy life)
    Orukaal Unbavan Yogi

    1. Exactly Siva. Vaishvanara Agni is the digestive fire that digests the food. We can offer the food to that part of God and we should be fine.

      And yes, since we eat 3 times a day, we are a Rogi (Prone to physical illness). You brought a nice point here.

  2. That was a very good one – let us know which book you read all this from. I am trying to follow just this these days. I think the important point as you mentioned is we need to eat what we like and “just eat when we eat” – what I mean by this is, watching TV or reading a book while reading is quite detrimental, this is what causes over-eating and all the associated problems.

    1. The book is You are what you eat by Sandra Heber-Percy. A nice collection of Sattvic Yogic recipes. My favourite name of one of the drink is Mahayogi Thunderbolt, but need to try that yet 🙂

      When we just eat when we eat, nothing can disturb us. Even the TV, because we would be so merged with the chewing sound. But yeah, sometimes we can be distracted, we just need to gently bring back attention and continue. You are right that eating and multi tasking is bad for health! I have found myself overeat whenever I do that.

  3. Just today, i wrote about murukku and the eating. Now comes a post a right eating !

    LOL ! It is something isnt it ! The eye and the mind !

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