Price of Spirituality

How much would you like to pay for getting Spirituality?

This question is completely stupid and yet has to be answered.

When it comes to spirituality, you have only one thing to offer – Sincerity. That’s it. Nothing else is useful.

If you take the example of Ramana Maharishi, he didn’t go to any organization for learning some kind of meditation. He just took five rupees from his house, left the place and went to Tiruvannamalai, tore off his clothes and sat in meditation until he got realized. After all this the Maharishi describes enlightenment as

“Now nothing can disturb me anymore”

Yes, no talk of any form of God or any promise of nice comfortable Heaven. Tell me, if any of us can be like what he was? If someone spits on you, would you be quiet? Ramana not only stayed quiet but he forgave the one who did it. He just did absolutely nothing. That’s enlightenment and you cannot act enlightenment.

If you really have that inner call to seek, that enthusiasm then with all sincerity you can sit and do any form of Beginner’s meditation. The internet is full of simple instructions to begin meditation, like Zazen, Vipassana, Mindfulness. The point is if you have that sincerity, you can pick any of these and just sit in Meditation.

After a while when you need to go higher up, you will be automatically guided to a form of meditation that suits you well. Definitely, wait for that to happen, wait for all indications to point in that direction. Some people don’t even need that. They are gifted and they get the guidance directly from inside, just like how Ramana did.

Now to learn that specific form of Meditation, you have to pay a little bit for the effort that they have taken to travel to where you live and facilitate it for you. It is exactly like training yourself into a technique. It is like going to an institute to learn Java in order to Program. You pay the fees, you learn and then you get out. That’s it. But Programming itself is more of Problem solving than just putting together some Java syntaxes. All those who know Java are not great Programmers, Great Programmers are never restricted by one Language.

With whatever limited tools you have, you bring out unlimited possibilities. The fees is only for the technique learned that’s it. After that the only acceptable form of fees is “Sincerity” to your “Self”.


One thought on “Price of Spirituality

  1. Dinesh,

    I love reading most of your blogs. I would appreciate if you could post your blogs/articles in the discussion forum.I would appreciate if you would do that. Say hi to the family.

    We recently visited Karthikeyan & Sharmila in Virginia and pretty much met all the previous KC folks. Looks like all of them have moved to DC/NJ area.


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