iPhone 10G

Steve walks into the team room.

“Folks, now that we have announced iPhone 4G, it is now outdated. Completely archaic, vintage stuff. For all practical purposes, it is irrelevant for the team.”

He goes on to dictate the requirements for iPhone 10G.

“Here ye Developers, for iPhone 10G bringeth world peace and harmoney, I mean harmony.”

1. We build this completely from the ground up. The entire case is going to be made of glass. In fact everything will be glass, the chipset, the circuit board, even the package, everything will be glass. We have a phone that is classy now, and this way we can market it as “Classy and Glassy”.

2. No one needs to care about what is inside the phone, but we have to build it in such a way that is mind blowingly unimaginable. The processor must be like a mini human brain. Pea size is more than enough, because that is the most of the brain we use anyway, even though we have a whole cauliflower stuffed inside our skull.

3. The display must be completely revamped. It must be a resolution of 19800 by 12000 by wowowowow! Sharp, Sharp, so sharp that it should cut through our eyes like hot knife through butter. We will call this our “Cutting edge technology”.

4. With iPhone 9G we will drop our touch screen input. We don’t need it anymore. It is so old and I always hated why people held on to it for such a long time. Gosh! They are so attached to old stuff, it’s like they wouldn’t let go off of their floppy disks! All inputs will be driven by thoughts. Yes, it will be the first to feature a thought driven interface. You think and it will make a call. No more touching the screen and stuff, my fingers are so tired.

5. Let’s have a camera wrap. This wrapping camera will be wrapped all around the iPhone and every single point in the device will be a camera. It will capture 360 degree 3D HD video and you can make 3D virtual phone calls. Sort of like Star wars, you will be projected life size and you talk.

6. And please please please, Let’s have a Jet pack in this atleast, I have been asking for it for the past 10 iterations!

7. I understand the technology is limited now, so we will skip Teleportation until 11G.

One of the Team member says “But Steve, for making this happen we will atleast need several years for technology to develop.”

Steve says “I know. I am just making sure you have enough to work on, until I die, go to heaven, reincarnate and become Apple CEO again!”

All in fun, Steve! The world loves what you bring out. It keeps us thinking and having fun at the same time.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 10G

  1. I really this company coz they r the on top in the world, but i have an idear 4 building iphone 10gs i knw many things that u forgot to put in ur product, if u lyk u can contack +2348122053828

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