Shuffling on the iPod

As I woke up at 5AM today with a hot cup of Ginger tea, I was getting ready to go get my dad and in-laws from Bangalore Cantonment railway station. After a half hour drive through partially lit roads, still dark, I reached the station only to find out the train has stopped in Byappanahalli for crossing. The arrival time was moved from 6.10 to 6.35. It gave me sometime to get a copy of Bangalore Mirror and read some interesting bits of news on the last page. It was interesting to read about a small community in a village in UK trying to keep a very old family shop alive, about 350 years old. The small newspaper shop in the station also sold board games and I got Angry birds for my daughter.

Pacing up and down, reading the paper, I finally saw the announcement come through for the arrival by about 6.45. It was unusually 45 minutes late and usually we get out before dawn. But today, I saw the train come through mild bluish sky of the early morning from a distance with the deep running track giving a nice perspective of the arriving train. I wish I had my camera for a perfect wide angle shot.

By the time we got out and into the car it was about 7AM. This is when I connected my iPod shuffle to the Car Aux Audio. This one is a flashy blue clip iPod shuffle from 2007 and it started playing a Tamil classical instrumental. A nice melodious way to start the morning. My dad and in laws were probably wondering why I would listen to this, but they were in for a different surprise. The surprise that a shuffle brings. As we crossed Shivaji Nagar, MG Road and through the old madras road with bumpy roads and erratic signals, the song changed to Anbin vasalile from Kadal, a Christian prayer song from the upcoming Manirathnam Movie – Kadal. Now this was a new song, and I am guessing they were wondering how come I have classical and Christian gospel playing one after the other.

As we approached the KR Puram station crossing the numerous bumpy and potholed roads from Byappanahalli, the song changed to Susanna from The Art Company, a song that was copied by Deva in the movie Vaali as “O Sona” for “Susanna”. Classical to Gospel and now an 80’s pop, they were now probably thinking I am crazy. After we crossed a horrible traffic in  KR Puram junction at around 7.30, we got closer to home and the iPod shuffled to “Vanam Mella” from Nee Thaane en pon vasantham. By now I thought, my aged shuffle has got really wonderful in keeping me surprised.

We reached home at 7.45 and the iPod finally shuffled back to another Tamil classical. I got out of the car and wondered if it was just the iPod that shuffled or the whole of this morning with a delayed train and driving through unexpected traffic and some bumpy bad roads. May be the bumpy road made the iPod to shuffle crazy.

Happy New year to all ! I have also been posting some of my photographs in my Photo blog at Classicframes.


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