Strategic Child

A Clean white Hyundai Verna was parking on a cold early morning and out came a man in his mid 30’s. He looked sophisticated with his eye glasses, a clean dark brown leather jacket and a blue jeans with sports shoe. One can tell from the looks that he is modern and was tasting the great material life. He then remote locked the tangy looking white car under the tungsten street light. Just then, he picked up his cell phone and began speaking to someone in Hindi as he walked out with a book in his hand.

His walk showed he was in a hurry, probably speaking to the person who he was going to receive from the train. Upon a closer look I found he was carrying a book named Think strategically. Definitely he must be a person of higher class and working in a higher position in his company, probably even an MBA. It was getting more complicated as I observed him from a few feet walking along behind him.

The walkway turned narrow and there came a slightly elevated side rail on the platform. Just then I witnessed this. The cultured sophisticated gentleman carrying a strategic thinking book, walked on the rail and did a balancing act without his knowledge, still speaking on the cell phone. It brought a little smile on my face. His costume of high looks and a high lifestyle did not change his basic nature, a nature of a child who would enjoy with what comes in the way. He just didn’t realize that or had less time to notice that.

Perhaps all that we do to earn to live a luxurious lifestyle, to get all those sophisticated dresses, gadgets and cars is simply to satisfy the child in us, albeit in a “Strategic” way. With a smile on my face still stuck, I walked to the platform and continued my wait for the arrival of the train, to receive my brother. I stood for a moment and I saw this picture.

Station lights

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