The story of Good conquering evil is perhaps the easiest and most traditional of the stories to tell. But portraying the depth and intensity of the Devil that arises out of deprivation and desperation is not something that is usually told. In fact the good is glorified only in the hands of a strong evil. It is probably the drama of realization of the good that the good subconsciously unveils the evil and lets it take over, while it fights its way back, but not by killing. Because it is supposed to be the way of the good that it is more forgiving than killing, that even the purest of the evil cannot fight the tiniest ray of light and that the evil begins to vanish and transform by trying to fight the tiny ray of light.

Kadal is a story of a wild swing into the deepest level of the devil and a transformation into good by a simple and significant ray of forgiving light.

The strength of the movie lies in cast and portrayal of the main protagonists. It gets more exciting to watch Arjun play the devil than it is to watch Arvindswamy play the divine. Kadal is the Manirathnam movie in which the characters are in their own strength and at no point it becomes aligned to being the movie of a particular star. This makes Kadal not only top class but keeps your focus on the simple yet dramatically portrayed storyline.

Kadal is a technical treat to the senses with beautifully composed scenes from Rajiv Menon and a sound recording that is absolutely class one. The visuals and the movement of the story board especially the climax, simply shows Manirathnam’s elegance and his thirst to differ from himself from his previous movies. The dialogues give a hint of the possible locality in Tamil Nadu but one keeps wondering how the art was set and where would this location be. It gives a hint that it could be artificially set for the movie and yet it looks normal and natural. Songs fall in place appropriately to remind us that it is a regional tamil movie but when it is AR Rahman, Rajiv Menon and Manirathnam, you enjoy it is a wholesome package.

Kadal. Depth.



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