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Kamal Hassan is a creative and intelligent artist with a large ego. I am a fan of his more humble counterpart and his friend, Rajinikanth. But Kamal Hassan is supposed to be this way. He is one of the very few artists that India has produced who has been keeping up with the recent trends in technologies and happenings around the world to make his movie appealing and of fine quality. He is one of those film makers who can test the limits of audience acceptance right from the science fiction spy action thriller Vikram, which was released at the wrong time to a bewildered audience  till Viswaroopam which merely portrays the story with a bit of recent history in the background.

After a completely dissatisfying experience from a 10 times egoistic Dasavatharam, I expected the least from Viswaroopam. The trailers showed a glimpse of what may be and the protests and ban fueled my curiosity to watch the movie. I would have watched it anyway but the drama that unfolded in the news over the movie’s concerns from a political group only increased my curiosity to watch.

Viswaroopam was unlike any of Kamal’s earlier movies but you can definitely see how Kamal blends the scenes as he has done before, with the right amount of thrill, story flow, dialogues, humor and continuity of the movie. The drama and intensity of the story is kept intact as you would follow the movie closely with every scene, trying to connect, a characteristic of any Hollywood action thriller. Thank god there are no dampening songs which may be why he chose Shankar Ehsaan Loy to just score the background soundtrack focussing only on the close knit screen play.

It is of no doubt that he has chosen the highest quality technicals in visuals and sound, which makes it a must to watch on big screen. It would be useless to watch it from a pirated copy or even DTH and cannot be enjoyed fully. If Kamal is any wise of a businessman which he has proved time and again, I would see him release the blu ray copy (perhaps the uncut version) right around the corner when he plans his Part 2 release. May be he can go further by releasing a HD digital copy of the movie in iTunes. But honestly I don’t know what this movie will keep after 7 cuts and a few mutes for the folks in Tamil nadu. It may also be a warning sign for other states folks to watch it before they may make these cuts spread to the other states as well.

As with all Kamal movies, in the objective of glorifying the character that Kamal plays the other characters become perceived a bit shallow, except the villain of course. I was left to feel in the end that this movie may not need a second part and may have been finished utilizing the space of certain draggy second half scenes. It could have helped the pace of the screenplay as well. But nevertheless I am now curious to see part 2 and hope he releases it within a couple of months.

Viswaroopam. Thrills.



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