Takkunu Takkunu Loop

Sometimes you come to a song which keeps playing in loop. It can be so catchy that you wake up, walk, move, run and go to bed with it. I don’t know if it is HipHop Tamizha or Anirudh or Sivakarthikeyan or (not the last) Nayanthara, but the combination seems to have kicked with this single from Mr. Local. I like the way it starts with a bit of a vomitting hum and then picking on EDM style and then mixing on the way with a bit of Dance mix and then Indian Dance.

Takkunu Takkunu

This sparked me to create a playlist called Infinite Tamil Loop, any song that keeps going on in infinite loop will get added to this playlist. In the recent times 2 more songs had got there – Kannamma from Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum with full credits to Sam CS and Anirudh and the obvious Rowdy Baby with all credits to Sai Pallavi and Yuvan Shankar Raja. I hope I can add more eligible songs as they come through. But I am planning to keep this loop very small and knock out the ageing ones.

Infinite Tamil Loop

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