The Prestige

Not the Pressure Cooker. A Christopher Nolan film in the early stages of his career, perhaps this is a film which he can indicate in his Resume, as key achievements. Nolan has a characteristic style of story telling evident in his recent ventures in Interstellar, Dunkirk through which he got quite famous here in India. It is after these 2 movies that Christopher Nolan reached such heights that many filmgoers here talk about him much and use him as a filming/reviewing benchmark. (Tarantino is another, but that will be for another day).

The Prestige is a movie with a unique story revolving around rivalry between 2 professional magicians. A story of revenge and sabotage and an obsession over finding the secret behind each ones craft. Where Nolan excels is in his characteristic Non-Linear story telling. You will have to watch closely, which is now, which is later and which was what it was. Someone close to me made a funny remark on this style, as in “This guy doesn’t eat Dosa directly, He must be eating the batter and then sitting on the stove himself”. My son who was playing with his toy while I watched the movie, remarked towards the end “hey the movie is starting again”, while it is ending at where it starts. Threads are spawned and then You can see the references finally joined together and made complete towards the end.

The curiosity is created, characters are formed, sketched and developed through the scenes and you can literally see the obsession growing in each one of the protagonists. Bale and Jackman simply excel each other in various scenes. All, for the last act of the magic, the Prestige.

Are you watching closely?

If you want to, then you can now watch this on Amazon Prime in India.

I have the Bluray as well, while the Bluray picture quality is better, the sound is Dolby Digital and surprisingly Prime’s audio mastering is better than the Bluray audio. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I loved the way he interwove the time period with a real historic character and real events and inventions around it.

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