Ilaiyaraaja Official

Sometime in 2013 most of Ilaiyaraaja’s catalog was pulled out of iTunes store and other places due to a legal spat with Agi music label. The only way to listen to a lot of those albums were through the Audio CDs that you may have got sometime back or on scatchy videos on YouTube.

At some point, we had a fan of Ilaiyaraaja, Muthusamy who released some of the albums, mastered in DTS/High quality. But that did not last for long as well. Ilaiyaraaja then had released a lot of his albums in his own app, which was not so great.

Finally, after all this, in 2021, the songs that once we were listening to very freely on cassettes, radios and functions in the 80’s and 90’s, is now available on Streaming services. Not all albums though but definitely coming up slowly. Hope we will get most of those missing gems of albums from Ilaiyaraaja. He seems to be releasing it under his own banner as Ilaiyaraaja official and available in Lossless quality in Apple Music (CD Quality).

Happy Nostalgic Listening !

Ilaiyaraaja Artist Page on Apple Music

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