New Year and a New You

It is the time of the year for all of us to declare our resolution and purge it by a fortnight, usually with Gym membership. I hope by now it has become a cliche, at least for those of us who by now have figured that it has little to no effect.

This New you in the new year should be someone who is willing to steer in the right direction by creating small habits of good things every day. A Small 1 percent change in the right direction can have an avalanche effect in future. What is that 1 percent change ? Is it waking up early ? Is it adding something to a routine or changing a routine ? You should be able to figure that out, but it is most effective when it is small and can be tied to an existing routine or timing.

I would recommend the book Atomic Habits (in physical or audio format) to get started into such thinking and practice. I went through the audio format in Audible and I have to say this book has been a very good influence for me in the past six months and has definitely sown the seeds of creating a new future me. I am now at a stage where I can say how much impact it has had, and I can pin point the positive routine changes and the effect it has had in me.

There is still a lot to learn and apply but the most important impact it has had is how I approach things in a much more Systematic way. Schedule things to be done and focus on those at right times, helps in avoiding future fire fighting and last minute work. Most importantly, it has helped me to learn and catch up on new topics, which I can use at work and personally as well.

This New Year, our New You should be that personality that yearns to change, but not forcibly, but through such simple and small habits that will indirectly help us in become a better version.

Not by force, but by Habit. The New You.

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