Thanks to the Food Givers

The food that comes to our table every day, every meal is a miracle. The Farmer who has to depend on Sun and Earth, Nature’s blessings in rain, nurture what is sowed and then send it to the world through a supply chain network that is full of political and technical complexities and then somehow reach the retail vendors, from who we get it and cook in our kitchen. Every morning, when you wake up and open your door, to see that milk packet magically appear is proof that this complex network works almost 100% of the time.

This day becomes the day of gratitude to that complex networked social organism from Nature to Human, from Sun to the Farmer to the animals to the merchants and finally to the Chef of the Hotel/Home. A simple thank you may not be enough for this miracle but let’s do that anyway, as that is the only thing that we can give wholeheartedly and at this very instant. Gratitude.

Today’s Food network is even more complicated. It is not like there is a Cow in the backyard and you milk it every morning and bring it inside. To add to this complexity, we now have the Food Delivery apps that tries to simplify this complexity and helps us reach what couldn’t have before. Before this innovation, we had to order food using a paper menu that would have been collected by us, call their number and hope they deliver, or else we go and pickup. It worked by trust and just human words. The buyer doesn’t know if the food will be ready, and the seller doesn’t know if the buyer will turn up and pay for the food. But it worked over a period with repeat orders and trust building.

In the age of Food delivery app, Trust building will still hold good. We are mostly likely to order from a place again and again, where we had a great experience in taste and delivery time. But if there is a lack of it, then we may not even turn back to give another chance. This is a ruthless ecosystem, especially when there is a huge churn in restaurants closing and cloud kitchens springing up. This is going to change even more with more options of cuisine readily available and cause decision paralysis for the buyer. We could bank on AI and Machine learning over a period, but again we are so using to stick shift, we need that manual feel of control and that yearning to chase for the next new taste.

Whatever be the case, there will still be the Social Trust if a seller needs to survive with customers coming back and not ending up chasing that “New Taste” from a newly opened outlet. This year, I add my Gratitude to all those restaurants who do a great job in Food taste, presentation and delivery and feature in my list, to go back for repeat orders again and again.

Thanks to all the food givers.

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