Break out of the Brick wall

Feelings and Emotions pass. But if they are very intense and overwhelming they can stay a while or just stay for long and block. It’s like a storm and we all know it will soon pass by. But we still hold on to despair. So it is not the storm but it is the despair that blocks us.

Despair makes us feel lonely. It puts a wall around us, resists us to come out and puts us inside. Wall gets thicker. Sometimes a brick breaks and we leak out of it by the pull of a ray of sunshine. We smoke out of it like the wind and soar high and mix with the air. That is the immense feel of joy. But to feel this joy, you need to build a wall, recognize the wall and then break it brick by brick.

For it is the captivity and longing that makes the Joy intense. This experience is much more powerful than just reading it second hand or hearing it third hand.

The best is to experience it all by yourself. Hear it, Feel it, Smell it, See it and Relish it. It will be as intense as a nice Rock Music.

Meditate for yourself. Meditate for the world.

Love and Peace.

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