Ten Percent Less

About 5 to 6 years back, streaming services were just coming up. Everyone relied on just Satellite TV and they went about their day. If it interests you watch, if not just move on. Similarly, there was lesser attraction to food delivery, barbecues etc. The point I am getting to is that, binging of all form was quite less. Now that we have more than what we can normally consume in a normal day, we do more, to justify its price or the money that we spend on it. Just because a barbecue buffet is about 700 rupees, I have seen people hoarding food and eating like there is no tomorrow and that Stomach is one huge trash can. This is not specific to any country either, but rather a global phenomenon. It is a trend change in human behavior which can have long lasting impact on our species future and evolution.

In order to see how this can be solved, first thing is we need to arrive at being aware that it is a problem for ourselves. Without being aware, we just blame the whole world and we can go about binging things ourselves. Awareness will bring us to the context of what we are binging specifically and if they need to be reduced. There is a Tamil saying, “If you go overboard, even nectar is poison”.

So here is what I did, I thought of this simple formula. On an average, is it possible for us to reduce “binging” or “consumption” by Ten percent ? If so, what are the positive effects that it can have. An assumption I am making is, I know how much I was consuming things in the past and on an average I can reduce by Ten percent. For example, If I was having 5 idlis for breakfast, I can make it 4. If you are at a restaurant (buffet or a-la carte), let go of that Soup or a starter or skip ordering a compulsory main rice dish or don’t hit the desert. Figure out a comfortable Ten percent to let go. If you watch a lot of TV shows, give up 1 or 2. Not everything needs to be watched. If you watch 4 movies a weekend, make it 3. If you spend an hour on Social media, bring it down to 45 mins. Nobody will miss you.

Of course, it is harder than being said. All of the above, is actually notes and tips for me to follow. I am just writing here, so that it can be shared across as well, or see what other people would think and go about.

So what can Ten Percent Less of binging, bring about ? Let’s see …

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