Fear of Forgetting

Fear can take us over very easily, depending on the situation. What matters is how we deal with what comes. Fight or Flight (or wait).

One common fear that I encounter is what if I forget ! This is silly because we can always write it down or put it as a reminder in an app. Yes, I do that. But sometimes, things come in and go out of the mind, so fleetingly that I might not be in a situation to be able to grab that sticky or open the app to write it down. Let’s say my hit rate to write down that reminder is a good 80%. But that 20% that goes off will still bother me. In fact, this blog post was one of it.

I figured, while writing down is a good way, it only leads to compulsion. Yes, no problem in writing down but that will be a temporary solution.

A More permanent solution is when I was able to challenge that fear and let it slide. Big deal. I forgot, If I can forget, I will also be able to remember. So, here it is my “thought” friend, I allow you to leave me and I bet I will remember it when it is needed.

What I noticed is, it came back to me in simplest and interesting ways possible. It just bubbles up due to the right trigger, right time and I actually have that situation where I can sit and focus and do that thing. This is much better than writing it down. It is still ok to write down your Reminder ( I use the iOS app with repeat and remind for routine work), but those things that come and go, like writing this post, a reminder will not help. You will need to face it and hope that it will come back at the right moment for you to do that with full focus and flow.

Sometimes, there is only one right way and that will be the best way. Allow the best way to happen.

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