Who am I ?

I am Dinesh, a Software Engineer from South India. I am a native of Madurai, Tamil nadu and so I can speak Tamil. My mother tongue is Sourashtra though.

Why do I blog?

It is said that if there are enough monkeys typing on a typewriter, we can bring out a Shakespeare  from them. I am just one advanced monkey that tries to type random things on a Computer keyboard with no hopes of bringing any Shakespeare out of it.

What will I blog on?

Please check out the categories section of this blog. I will try to roll around these categories most of the time.

Who is Maduraiveeran?

Maduraiveeran is a mythological character from my hometown Madurai. The meaning of the name is “The Brave from Madurai”.

What is 18,000 RPM?

In formula one racing the engines are so powerful that it causes the car to reach an acceleration of as much as 18,000 to 19,000 Revolutions per minute at around 900 odd horse powers. Compared to this a typical family sedan only does about 2000 to 4000 RPM at 70 to 140 Horse powers. So obviously you can imagine how much of a roller coaster ride it will be. When you read my blog you are going to be in for a similar experience. Wear your gear and hop in for the ride.

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