42 – Yes, That’s it. That’s the title. If you don’t know ask her or refer this page.

AgelessbondingWhat I see from where I am and how I see it.

A-Kay – Lemon and Chillies.

Amit – Mashed Musings.

AmreekanDesi – India from the eyes of a Non Resident Insider

Anniyan – Care to Take a look?

Apar – Random Ruminations

Anshul – Brainstuck Cartoons.

Anuramakrishnan – Burning Embers

Aparna Gonibeed – WTML – Welcome to my life (Her life that is!)

Arvind – An Entertainment Blog

Blogbharti – Voices from the Indian Blogosphere.

Cafephilos – An Internet Cafe

Cartoonistsatish – World of an Indian Cartoonist.

ChennaiKaranOriginal and funny. The parts that are original aren’t funny, and the parts that are funny aren’t original

Chutneycase – Coconut Chutney

Desipundit – Wit, Wisdom and Lots of India

elekhni – The Imagined Universe.

Hawkeye – Lightning Strikes Everyday

In a Deep Trance

Inbavalli – Inba’s Corner (No it is not a name of Popular Ice cream joint in Chennai!)

India Uncut – Amit Verma’s India Uncut

Jagseyes – What I See

Kavi – Kavi’s Musings

KrishAshok – Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

Maami’s – Maami’s Weblog


Maxdavinci – Dappan Koothu

Namma mejura – Madurai City Life

Navanee – Navanee’s Musings

Nikhil’s Weblog – Author of the book “Untitled”, a collection of Short stories.

Nita Writer – Wide Angle View of India

NRI Maami – A Maami can be found in every corner of the world.

Patrix – Nerve Endings Firing Away

Praveen – Scribbles

Rads – tunneling thru

Rahul – Rahul talk

Rambodoc – A Twist of word and mind

Reema – Opinions and Expressions

Sakhi – Laghukatha

Sharad Bapat – Gibberish

Shefaly – La Vie Quotidienne

Shivya – The Shooting Star

Sivakumar – My Biz Musings

Sriniani – Sriniani’s Weblog

Twisted DNA – Frivolous banter about life

Vishesh – The Light shines the brightest

12th Man – Comment is Free.

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