I am going to dedicate this page to provide quick links to some of my favourite posts that I have written. They are not just the ones that fetched me more hits, but the ones that I enjoyed the most while writing. I will keep this page up to date by removing old ones, adding new ones as much as I can. So here they are listed, not in any particular order.

T: I love the concept of Time machine. This is an attempt at writing a short science fiction story based on a Time machine.

Review: iMac Core Duo 17″: The only extensive user-review of a Tech gadget I have written and I loved writing it as much as I love using my Mac.

The Irony of Dress Code: What do we wear to office? Offshore and at client location? How funny can it be? Well, this is one of my anecdotes that turned out funny.

Tossing a One Rupee Coin: Everyone has had fun during their college days. What about something like beating the hell out of somebody by just tossing a coin? Well this post was all about that fun.

Dappankuthu: A form of South Indian Dance. I loved writing about it as much as I love some Dappankuthu songs.

The Library: A semi-fiction short story that captures the essense of Google from early 20th century.

Indian Cities and Riders of the Auto Rickshaw: How do auto drivers from different cities behave? This is a humourous take on this subject matter of Auto drivers from Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Madurai.

Software Engineered Cooking: What happens when two Software Engineers do Cooking in a Software Engineer way. Frustratingly funny I guess!

Ordeals of Grocery Shopping: A funny comparison of how grocery shopping has changed from the old days to now.

In Search of a Great Pizza: I love Pizza and I constantly look out for good varieties. This is one of those posts with an open ended conclusion discussing some great Pizzas that I have had.

A Brief history of Ice Creams: I love Ice Cream. This article is a look back on how Ice creams were and how it has become now with so many varieties.

Why South India has more Actor Politicians: This post takes back and provides a view of how MGR made history as an Actor Politician and how he remains influencial for other actors to become one.

Pour Femme: Perfumes smell great. But when it crosses a threshold, people like me end up writing a humourous post on it.

The Toy Music Story: This post is a look at how my daughter’s simple musical toy brought me a wisdom of life.

An Imaginary Story of Robo and the Climax – An attempt at story writing for the new movie Endhiran (Robot).

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to lose a girl – A Fun take on various pitfalls of attempting to lose a girl. Not to be taken very seriously.

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