A Day goes by …

We all associate results with a productive day. But somedays go by without any results and we most likely feel dissatisfied or unproductive. It is natural to feel this way in a fast paced competitive world. We want to show millimetres of success, however small may be, everyday. After several experiences, by now, most of us must have understood that this is not possible.

Sometimes, a day goes by … and nothing happens.

It is ok to be so and instead focus on the simple small steps that we do right, every single day. It may not have an effect on that day, but eventually it will hit the success button with a bang. Moving forward with determination every day is more important than trying to taste ounces of success every single day.

Focus on refining the process helps a lot. What am I doing for achieving a certain result ? Am I doing it right or enough or is the pathway needs to be corrected. This is most likely your course steering to keep you on the bearing. This is also where most of us feel lost in the middle. During this time, it will be good to seek help of the wise and experienced, who might have gone down the path. Remember, wise are the ones that will only show you the path in which you are going, they will not advice you with history lessons of how they made it and you should do the same. For all practical purposes, your path is entirely different from others.

This begs the question, is the one who is guiding you, really wise ? Well, only your intuition can tell and with some trust and trial and error. Sometimes we are gifted enough to have the solution right away. But sometimes, we will have to fall and learn. It’s ok to fall, just pick yourself up and move forward in another direction.

The essence is, how we keep moving forward or even prepare for moving forward, when a day just goes by …

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