Fear of Unknown

In this increasingly complex and unpredictable world, we are most likely unprepared or surprised by unknown events in life. Inherently, most of us have developed a fear of unknown which kind of magnifies with basal instinct fear that the species usually has.

If ever, you feel the fear of known, it can definitely mean that you may have tackled all your known risks or fears. If you are able to understand the fear or risk that you foresee and take some kind of a practical preparatory action to handle that in future, then your mind settles in a stable state. Chattering in the mind could reduce. This is even more likely as you contemplate, meditate and find our those fears, handle them systematically and patiently and get out of it.

A strange feeling could creep up after you handle your known risks, that is the feeling of pure fear. As in, it is just the feeling of fear for no reason, unable to attach to something that can be called as a cause, so that your problem solving mind can try to resolve it.

You can do only one thing for such a thing. Know and accept that this feeling exists and tell it to yourself that you will handle it when it occurs. If needed, just imagine or run through situations where you would have handled such unknown risks or events in life. If you had handled it before, you can very well face it and handle it in future. You will most definitely improve and become wise as you grow through this.

(This feeling was well portrayed in a recent Tamil movie – Vikram, ” *** Pathukalamda” – crudely meaning “Let’s take it as a challenge”)

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